Adding Liquid Chelated Iron to Aquaponics System

Adding glass chelated iron to aquaponics complement exhibiting primary signs of nutritious deficiency
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6 Responses to Adding Liquid Chelated Iron to Aquaponics System

  • mreisma:

    how? much did that bottle cost

  • Bob Campbell:

    I discovered the water color change by adding it to an empty aquarium, so I never added the dried sea weed to the aquaponic system. .
    My plants are exhibiting the same symptoms as in hroarke24′s video and I can’t say with certainty that they lack iron, but I am now using MicroLift Iron16.
    It’s still too early for me to comment on how? this will affect the plants, but MicroLift does not change the water color.

  • csreeves:

    Regarding the dried sea weed…

    So the fish loved it,? but you didn’t like the color of the water after the ordeal.

    You neglected to mention whether or not the PLANTS loved it.
    (which is why you put it in the system in the first place, right?!?)

  • hroarke24:

    Hi, there is no change in my systems? overall water color, probably because the little bottle of liquid iron is less than 1/2 liter and the total system is about 4,000 liters. Have you looked at agro-type places? They should sell dry and liquid chelated iron as it is a commonly used in large monoculture type farms.

  • Bob Campbell:

    I? was unable to find straight chilated iron so I use dried sea weed since it has no nitrates and lots of iron. I fed a pinch to my fish and they gobbled it up; they really liked it! I thought I was on to something good, but It turns the water dark as coffee.

    I noticed when you added the Casagri Chelated Iron it too looked dark. Did you have any problems with water color in your fish tank?

  • CortCountry:

    What happened? Any effect on the fish?? How many gallons of water does your system cycle? Thanks!